Friday, April 18, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Apple Pie?

The way I created this pie baker was I got a huge plastic plate/bowl and lined it with paper towels. Then I rolled stoneware clay balls and pressed them tightly together. Next, I smoothed the inside, but left the outside so the circles could show. I set it aside, very slowly allowing it to dry under plastic.

I had to figure out how to bisque it enough to where it would be nice and strong but not so that the clay completely matured. I wanted it porous. After checking out the ceramic store I decided to take this cone 6 stoneware clay and slowly fire it to cone 02.

My next step was to sand and sand it, and by sanding it, I could tell that indeed, it was much more sturdy than a cone 06 bisque-fire. I soaked it in water, washed it again (no soap) with baking soda, then allowed it to dry. The next day I baked this wonderful pie. Oh, the crust has never been so flaky and perfect. Mmmmm .... The pie plate is 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep.


  1. Mornin' Natalie
    Was just reading about that technique last night !!!
    At least, the part of rolling small colored balls and pressing them into a mold to form a pot.
    Was there a specific reason you washed it with baking soda?
    It looks like a truly mouth-watering pie!

  2. I went onto the Pampered Chef website to see how to clean these types of baking dishes. They recommend not using soap, but baking soda. This is because they are porous, and not solid, like glass or fully matured (vitrified) clay.

    Thanks for all your great comments. I enjoy your blog, too.