Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Just Saying ....

I'm thrilled that the small sale that I'm doing has started off so well. I don't hold sales often so that may be the main reason. I don't know. What I'm really thrilled about is my repeat customers have taken advantage of this sale and I hope they are completely wowed when their beads finally arrive.

These are some of the recent purchases. I have a short attention span which is probably why I don't have a lot of the same shape of beads or the same colors. I've shared before how I love color and firing color in a kiln is always risky ... I just never really know for certain how something will turn out. Sometimes it is the placement of the item -- the top of the kiln is a slightly different temperature than the bottom. The humidity is a factor. The barometic pressure could be a factor. The temperature outside may fluctuate or not. I have begun the kiln on a hot morning only to have the temperature drop 30 or more degrees by the evening. Or the kiln cools down quickly or it doesn't cool down for days. That is why sometimes that shade of blue absolutely cannot be duplicated.

One thing I'm not is a scientist though there is a fair amount of chemistry involved, so because I'm not well versed in chemistry it is very much hit or miss for me when it comes to attempting to duplicate an effect. Some might say, "Hey, just keep a notebook." I have started doing that and I have noticed that if I want a certain color I know it will not happen unless the day is cold, under 40 degrees and stays that way for a few days ...same thing goes for summertime ... I have this one bowl design that I only glaze on the inside and I think because I throw the bowls so thin, that unless the kiln has a day or two to cool down, they just snap in half. It is devastating to open the kiln and find 12 beautiful 'cracked-in-half' bowls. Luckily that never happens to beads.

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