Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yay for Off-White Ceramic Beads

Vanilla Dimpled Ceramic Beads
These cute beads are so perfect for earrings or a cute addition to a bracelet or necklace. I took a stoneware white clay and pushed a dimpled texture into each bead, coated with a glossy white and fired. Simple, but elegant.

I left off yesterday with the news my kiln had been delivered.  It is a kiln I have saved more than a couple of years to afford. Unfortunatly I did not order the kiln I thought I had ordered and the person who took my order didn't ask questions.

I mean, who orders a digital kiln with a kiln setter attached without any manual control knobs?  Apparently I do.  :(

Well, nothing I can do about now.  Gonna have to make lemonade out of my lemons.

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