Sunday, February 01, 2015

First New Kiln Load

Behold, no control knobs.  To fire this kiln I must put a bar cone into the kiln setter and set the timer to go beyond what I think the kiln might take to fire. The bar cone should be the same cone I am firing to, or more than I think I might be firing to.  And I must have the kiln setter completely set before I turn on the 'off/on' switch or it will not raise the temperature beyond 80 degrees.

I had to do a couple of test fires to figure out what it would do. It might have been nice to have been given instructions.

AND ... in keeping with the mishap of the kiln order, my first firing wasn't that great. Two of the three slabs blew up.  I should have programmed it for a slow fire instead of a fast fire. 

I vacuumed out the kiln (should always do that regardless) after I emptied the rest of mugs and pasta bowls that have been accumulating in my studio since fall.

I am going to be glazing these over the next few days and then refire to cone 6.  I used to have to fire at cone 7 on my old kiln because there was no way to coax it to 'soak' ... but I will be programming a soak on this newer kiln.

I'm looking forward to everything coming out nicely.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks for stopping by, and hey, if you are going to buy a new kiln and if it is a custom order, really discuss with the person who takes your order not only WHAT you want but WHY you want it...then you won't make the same mistake I have made.

On the bright side, it is a very nice kiln and I'm sure I'll get a lot of years usage out of it.

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