Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Noticed!

I didn't notice until I photographed this pendant that there is a small splash of grape purple glaze near the bottom right hand side.  It is just a small little spot. I am hardly able to spot it with my naked eye. Nonetheless it is there, glaringly obvious thanks to my camera's macro lens.

When I do add this one to my Etsy store, it will be discounted appropriately.  It goes nicely with those Lavender Textured Tablets in the previous post.

I added small round beads to this hand shaped rectangle and used a drill tool bit to imprint a screwdriver like pattern.  This was one of those impulse things I do every now and then.  It's not large, only 24 mm from top to bottom and 16 mm wide.  It's dainty for a pendant.