Monday, October 18, 2010

Underglazes are Fun!

I have lately been enjoying applying underglazes into various textures.  I like how it brings out aspects of the bead which might not be noticed otherwise.

I didn't make many of these. This is it.  But if you find yourself in love with this texture and would like to see them in a different color, just send me an email (nkp@nkpdesigns.com) with Textured Tablets in the subject header.

I also have a couple of pendants in this same clay body and glaze color that will show up on Etsy the next few days as well.


  1. Very unique...I love texture!

  2. Thanks, Cindi. I have a lot of fun trying out new textures and this texture is going to get used quite a bit. It's like a lovely lace, but with depth.