Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Texas Clay Festival

I went to the Texas Clay Festival this year and, of course, got the tee-shirt, which is quite yummy and comfortable.  It was so warm it felt like spring. Back in Fort Worth it was acting like spring in that a tornado touched down a few miles away. It was an F zero, so it wasn't a big tornado. But in Gruene, Texas, the weather was fine, so fine.

On the way there and on the way back, I made small beads, sprigging and texturing them. It was something to do in the car, a bit hard a times because the road was jostling, but it was do-able.  Obviously I wasn't driving. ha ha

Today I am getting a bisque load of pottery ready to fire and the beads I formed will be dry enough to go in there as well. The photo of the bead I am sharing is one I made a while ago. On one side it is a bee, the other a flower. It reminds me of spring, which is what it feels like again this week.

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