Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sprigging Technique

The 'sprigging' technique is when a small bit of clay is added to another piece of clay. In this case I formed a round bead and added small dots of clay, then textured it with a special tool to get this effect.

These cobalt blue textured beads are great for the casual yet whimsical design.  These are approx 14 mm and 15 mm at their widest.

I am planning on making more of this design, but in other colors and sizes. Right now these two are all I have in this particular design.   Here's the link if you are interested in purchasing these: Cobalt Blue Sprig Rounds


  1. Natalie, these look cool. I tried it on smaller beads a few weeks a go and it was hard on such small size. I also tried it on some birds I made, a little easier. But I'm thinking at the size you made them should be better. I ended up with mushed clay on my hands.

    Very pretty, and I love that blue glaze.

  2. Yes, I have found that out, too. This is the smallest size I've done this technique on. The round is about 12 mm to start with and ends at about 15 mm. It's a relaxing technique for me and a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

    Thank you and I love that glaze too. It's Foundations "Blue" from Mayco. It is supposed to replace the Mayco art glaze "Cobalt Glass" which is actually more of a blue jean color. I'm bummed it is has been discontinued. :(

  3. Will have to give it a try, I do not have any of those foundation glazes yet. They are low fire right?

  4. They are fired to cone 06, but I take them to cone 1 without any problems.

    It seems as though Mayco is drastically reducing many of its colors.