Thursday, August 20, 2009

Firing Perils

As it happens, the bead kiln underfired. I got a FTH error (failed to heat) error about 5-6 hours into the firing so it fired to around cone 08. I know it did not reach cone 06 or the glaze would have looked melted a bit more.

As it happens, I have an extra bead kiln. I keep it for exactly this reason. I do not have two outlets outside therefore I cannot run two kilns at once. I took it out of its storage container and set it up, put the other one into the storage container and this weekend my husband will help me figure out why it is not working. He's good at that sort of thing. If that doesn't work I'll take it to Alan over at Texas Pottery and Clay Company. He has been such a help to me in every aspect of clay and firings. Not only that, but his stoneware clay is the yummiest around.

Yes. Yummy.

And tomorrow, should there be no more kiln mishaps, I'll finish the second part of the previous firing blog article. The rest of the day will be spent straightening up my studio. I realized that its become more of a storage room than a studio when I went in there to grab the extra kiln out of its box. I've been making beads and whistles in the living room all summer. It's easy to keep the dust down when one is working on a small scale. However, I did end up getting into another ceramics class this fall and I have to get everything together for class which starts on Monday.

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