Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playing with Photos

I'm trying to revamp my photos a bit. I'm a bit bored with the white paper background. So I thought I'd go outside and shoot. Altogether, I took 50 photos and I am so glad the cost of digital photos is nil. This first shot is on the white paper, in the shade. It is slightly overcast today. I don't know why the paper shines through blue. The beads also look a bit darker in color value than they actually are.

This shot is on some tan cardstock. I put these photos in Picasa and only cropped them. I didn't even press the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button.

This last shot is my cement front porch. I think I like the look of this the best.


  1. Love the picture on the cement!

    When I shoot on colored paper, I always include a little slip of white paper in the corner. This gives me a baseline to adjust the color cast, and then I just crop it out of the photo. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you, that really does help. -- Natalie

  3. I like the one on the cement too. And thanks for the white colored paper tip Winchell..that is really helpful.