Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Peek - Decal Daisy Handmade Ceramic Beads

These are only three of the hand drawn daisy decals that have been fired onto a porcelain bead. The first one is called "Loves Me ... Loves Me Not", the second I call, "The Star of the Show" and the third, "Mother and Child".

This is the first batch where I was satisfied with how the hand drawn laser decals fired. I have some other fun daisies. I have a 'Daisy in Waiting' (she looks pregnant).

I started out painting daisies in watercolor and enjoyed the personification process. This same idea has filtrated into my bead designs. I look forward to continuing to draw more of these and designing with them.

I also did a couple of pendants but I'm going to apply some commercial decals to the back of those and refire.

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