Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Procrastination ....

Last year I took Ceramics I and II at the local junior college. I found out that Ceramics II can be repeated as many times as I want to take it. I had planned on taking it again because it is a ton of fun. I have access to a wonderful gas kiln and the other potters who retake it year after year are incredibly wonderful people.

My desire is to move onto a state college and get a bachelors in Fine Arts, but I'm waiting until at least one of my college age children graduates. Therefore, Junior College is much more affordable at this point. However, I procrastinated and all the classes filled up. I am going to hope someone drops out at this point. However, I am probably not going to be able to take it. This has renewed my desire to finish converting an electric kiln into a gas kiln. I removed all the hardware and elements over the summer. I have to still cut holes in it and all the rest that goes into all that.

The mugs in this photo were some I had made from slabs in Ceramics I. The assignment was to make 6 in the same style.

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