Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Photos

I took some of my creations outside this morning and photographed them. I really do like how the sunlight is working in this particular place on my front porch. I know that depending on time of year, the lighting will be different. It will be different on cloudy days and on sunny days. But for now this is nice.

Like most people who love beads, I have a lot of them, gemstones, glass, polymer, even paper. I love silver and plastic (ahem ... resin). Lucite is also fabulous. Wooden beads are lightweight and versatile. I have some fabric beads in my collection as well as some felted beads. I love them all!

Occasionally I have that urge to combine my ceramic beads with all sorts of other beads without actually making anything. I can combine a few colors and textures and showcase what has come out of my kiln in an (hopefully) interesting manner. Hence these beadstrands.

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