Monday, August 24, 2009

Porcelain Bowls and Cups

This weekend I took some cone 10 porcelain from its bag and decided to get back in practice on the wheel. I haven't been on the wheel since ceramics class ended in May. I realized that had been way too long!

The first hour or so was one disaster after another. I expected it and reacquainted myself with the soft buttery yummy of porcelain, enjoying how it felt in my hands and generally having a nice (if messy) time.

The next day was much better and I produced these in the photo. I wanted a bit of a handbuilt look to the machine wheel spun pots so I hand applied legs to a couple of these. I try to alter a bit of something on every pot. The mugs have hand pulled handles, and on on one of the mugs I decided to apply some stamps and mild carvings.

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