Friday, August 14, 2009


I was able to sign into a ceramics class this semester after all and so last night I pulled out the cone 10 clay (b-mix) and decided to make some flower vases. I can bisque these at home and bring them into the classroom to experiment on some glaze/stain combinations.

This is a bowl I got at the Asian store a while back. These are great to lay clay inside and make pretty patterns. After the inside is covered with clay, I smooth it out and let it sit overnight. It shrinks and comes out easily by morning.

The next step is to roll out a bottom, attach it to the 'top' of the bowl and decide if I want it footed or flat. I decided one of each.

The last step is to cut out a hole from the top and smooth it. After it is bisque fired, my plan is to rub a mason stain into the cracks to bring out the pattern, then refire it in a gas kiln.

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